Uses for Kitchen Shears

You are missing out when you don't take advantage of the many uses for kitchen shears.

Testing of several new kitchen shear scissorsTesting of several new kitchen shear scissors

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You are missing out when you don't take advantage of the many uses for kitchen shears.

Kitchen Shears: A Multi-Utility Culinary Companion

In the world of culinary tools, kitchen shears, also known as kitchen scissors, stand out due to their multifunctionality. They play an integral role in making your kitchen tasks more efficient. If you're new to the concept, here's a detailed Guide to Kitchen Shears that will walk you through their varied uses. If you're looking to buy a pair, you'll find this comprehensive Buyer's Guide quite useful.

These tools are versatile, capable of outperforming, equally matching, or serving as a stand-in for other kitchen gadgets depending upon the task at hand.

kitchen scissors cutting pizza

Kitchen Shears and Kitchen Scissors Uses: Best in Class for Certain Tasks

Kitchen shears outperform other tools in several kitchen tasks, enhancing speed and convenience. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Cutting Fresh Herbs:
    • Snipping fresh herbs like basil, parsley, or cilantro directly over your dish can be more efficient and cause less bruising than using a knife.
    • Cutting chives into small pieces becomes an easy task with kitchen shears, eliminating the need for a chopping board and knife.
  2. Portioning Meat:
    • Shears make it quick and easy to trim fat off meat or cut it into smaller portions.
    • For poultry, shears can cut through chicken bones, making tasks like spatchcocking a chicken a breeze.
  3. Preparing Seafood:
    • Removing the shell from shrimp or cutting through lobster and crab shells is easier and safer with kitchen shears.
    • Cutting whole fish into steaks can be done smoothly with a good pair of shears.
  4. Cutting Vegetables:
    • Slicing through tough leafy greens, like kale or collard greens, becomes simpler with kitchen shears.
    • Trimming artichokes or cutting sun-dried tomatoes are other tasks where shears shine.
  5. Opening Packaging:
    • Kitchen shears can cut through hard plastic or open food packages quickly, reducing the risk of injury from knives or box cutters.
    • They're perfect for cutting open bags of frozen vegetables or chips, ensuring a clean and spill-free opening.
  6. Food Presentation:
    • Shears allow you to shape food items for a nicer presentation, like creating a flower shape with a mushroom or cutting a pie or pizza into perfect slices.

Whether it's food preparation or presentation, kitchen shears can often prove to be the superior tool, saving time and enhancing precision.

kitchen shears cutting noodles

Equally Effective Uses of Kitchen Shears and Uses of Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen shears aren't just handy tools, they often prove to be equally effective, if not better, compared to other tools in your kitchen. Let's explore where kitchen shears shine as a perfect stand-in:

  1. Trimming Meat: Whether it's poultry, fish, or red meat, shears are as effective as a boning knife. They can efficiently remove skin, trim fat, and even cut through joints. This makes tasks like spatchcocking a chicken much easier.
  2. Chopping Herbs: Using shears to snip herbs right into your pot not only minimizes mess but also prevents bruising, keeping the flavors intact.
  3. Prepping Seafood: From deveining shrimp to cracking shellfish, shears can do the job just as well as any specialized seafood tool.
  4. Cutting Food for Kids: Kitchen shears are perfect for cutting food into bite-sized pieces for kids. This method can be quicker and safer than using a knife, especially when dealing with slippery or irregularly shaped food. Learn more about the benefits of kitchen shears for parents.
  5. Cutting Pizza or Flatbread: Using shears for cutting pizza or flatbread prevents the toppings from being dragged off, making them equally, if not more effective, than a pizza cutter.
  6. Opening Packages: From food packaging to stubborn plastic wrappers, kitchen shears can handle them all just as well as any box cutter.

Remember, not all shears are created equal, and different brands offer unique features that can enhance your cooking experience. Be sure to read our reviews on OXO, Shun, Wusthof, Cutco, and Global kitchen shears to find the perfect pair for your needs.

Remember to keep your shears clean. Many models are dishwasher safe, but ensure to check the manufacturer's instructions. Find more information in our article about Are kitchen shears dishwasher safe.

Come back to this guide from time to time to get more ideas about how to maximize the use of your kitchen scissors or shears. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned chef, there's always a new way to utilize your kitchen shears.

Overall, kitchen shears are an incredibly versatile and useful tool. From snipping herbs to trimming plants, these shears are a great utility item for any kitchen. They are perfect for cutting through tough packaging, portioning meat, and even making arts and crafts projects.

OXO Good Grips Poultry Shears Fully Extended

When Kitchen Shears Shine as a Stand-In

Kitchen scissors can also act as a worthy substitute for many other tools in the kitchen. Let's look at several examples:

  1. Cracking Nuts: In the absence of a nutcracker, kitchen shears can be employed. They might not be the first tool you think of, but they can get the job done.
  2. Opening Bottles: Most kitchen shears come with a built-in bottle opener, making them a suitable replacement when a bottle opener isn't on hand. For instance, OXO kitchen shears include this feature.
  3. Loosening Jar Lids: Some kitchen shears are designed with a jar opener, like the Shun Kitchen Shears. When you can't find a jar opener, these shears could save the day.
  4. Slicing Pizza: If a pizza cutter is missing from your kitchen toolset, fear not. Kitchen shears can cut through a cheesy pie smoothly, providing well-defined slices.
  5. Cutting Dough: Whether it's for pastry, pasta, or bread, kitchen shears can step in for a dough cutter, allowing for precise portioning.
  6. Creating Decorations: If you're in a pinch, kitchen shears can be used to create edible decorations, such as carrot flowers or radish roses.

While kitchen shears shouldn't replace these tools permanently, they're an excellent backup option. For comprehensive insights about the versatility of kitchen shears, refer to Unveiling the Magic of Kitchen Shears A Must Have Tool vs Regular Scissors.

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